Why Invest In L-Zone?


The L-Zone is fast emerging as a favorite among investors; but you should know, why is it so popular these days. Here are some reasons that will motivate you to make an investment in L-Zone.

1.) Homes for every budget –  At L-Zone, you get to own a dream home at much lower prices as compared to Noida or Gurgaon. The best part is that your home is backed by a truly superior infrastructure and public utilities.

2.) Truly amazing lifestyle facilities – All modern facilities like shopping malls, sports complex, stadiums, luxury hotels and many other things await you here. This means that you will not have to travel far off for anything at all.

3. World-Class health care facilities – A large number of hospitals are in the vicinity; Asia’s biggest Ayurvedic Hospital is already functional. L-Zone will also be home to an upcoming AIIMS.

4. Impeccable educational facilities – L-Zone is close to Indrapastha University and the Dwarka Institutional Area with various upcoming schools and colleges. oe cn be assured of the best education for the kids, without any hassles.

5. Location advantages: – L-Zone is strategically located close to IGI Airport, Palam Vihar and Gurgaon. It will also be connected to other parts of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, UP & Rajasthan. traveling to all important landmarks is very easy. Every important destination is at a driving distance.

6. Safety & security – The various upcoming projects boast of three tier security and round the clock electronic surveillance. This means that you do not have to worry about your family’s safety at all.

Theses reasons are enough to make you understand how investing in L-Zone is truly beneficial.

A Look At Three Types Of Home Loans


Here is a cursory look at some of the popular types of home loans. It is just an introduction and is not a definitive guide.

  • Land Purchase Loans

Land purchase loans are meant to help the applicant buy a plot of land, on which the applicant can then construct his house. Usually, the banks offer up to 85 percent of the original price of the land. These loans are provided to the applicants, both for residential and investment purposes. These loans are provided by many leading banks and can be availed easily.

  • Home Purchase Loans

These are the most commonly available, hence the most popular home loan variants. These loans are provided to the applicant to help him or her buy a new residential property or an old house, from its previous owners. Usually, in this type of loan the finance provided is up to 85 percent of the market value of the respective house.

Such loans are usually offered on fixed interest rates or on the floating interest rates. Sometimes they are also offered as hybrid loans.

This type of loan is also provided by all the banking institutions and housing finance companies.

  • Home Construction Loans

These loans are offered to those individuals who want to construct a house, rather than buying an already existing one.

The process of loan application and its approval is different for these types of loans as opposed to the commonly available housing loans.

One condition is the plot of land on which the house is to be constructed should have been bought within a year of the application, for the cost of the land to be included for the purpose of calculating the total price of the house. If the plot has been purchased more than a year ago, this clause is not applicable.

In this type of loan, the total amount is disbursed at one go or is done in several installments, depending on the stages of construction.

Be A Good Neighbor; Endorse Community Living


In today’s times when all you need is just a click away, we have started losing human contact. This will eventually lead to isolation; hence it is very important for all of us to form a good neighborhood, where everyone can lead a happy, connected life.

As they say, charity begins at home; why don’t you start the process of being a good neighbor first.

Here are some tips:

  • Be Familiar

The first and the most important thing to do is to be familiar with your neighbors first. Ensure that you know their names and inform them of yours too. Then start with a friendly wave and even initiate a conversation.

  • Be Helpful

In a community, it is our duty to look out for others. Always, be there for your neighbors. If they need something or require any assistance; do not hesitate. Don’t ask what they have done for you, but think what you can do, for them instead.

  • Be Sharing

It is important to share happiness with others. Start by sharing any treats, like cookies, sweets or any other home cooked things. Simply, knock on your neighbors’ door and start sharing the happiness. This thoughtful gesture speaks volumes and is extremely compassionate.

  • Plan Community Events

Nobody likes to be left alone. Make efforts to include other people in your plans for the summer evenings and winter afternoons. They will make a big impact on forming a good, happy community.

So the next time you are going out to take a walk in the neighborhood or take time to, water your plants; also make an effort to share a smile and get involved with people around you. Take the first step towards forming a prosperous, cheerful community.

How The GST Bill Will Impact The Real Estate Industry?


The GST bill is sure to have some impact on the real estate industry. Here is a look at all the impacts:

  •  Impact on the developers:

At present the developers pay a number of independent taxes at different rates across a range of states. These taxes are levied on construction and raw material etc among other things. However, now the developers will have to pay a single tax at the time of construction, across all states. This will help to bring down the cost of construction substantially. The property prices will also be stabilized across India.

  • Impact of the individual investors

Today an individual investor has to pay up VAT and service tax which vary across the various states. However, with the introduction of the GST bill, the investors will only have to pay a single tax. The stamp duty will however remain outside the gambit of this bill.

One thing you have to however note is that the common taxation rate may cause the property rates to go up significantly as some of the states have exempted the real estate sector from VAT.

  • Impact on the commercial Property in India

In terms of taxation, the commercial property in India is considered as a separate entity and the GST bill is believed to make an extremely positive impact on the commercial real estate. The bill reduces taxation, as the developers will now be able to receive input credit, which is paid for construction against the GST charged on the lease rentals.

The GST bill will surely have a very positive impact on the industry. It will make it easy to do business, while promoting transparency in the real estate sector in India. The fact is that the bill will prove to be a big game changer in all respects.

How to ensure the perfect Vastu compliance for your home?


These days everyone insists that everything in their home should be perfect. One element that a lot of people are insisting on maintaining in their homes is the perfect Vastu compliance. If you are one such person, on the lookout to make your home completely Vastu compliant, you should read ahead. Here is a collection of tips that can help you to ensure the perfect Vastu compliance for your home. Read on to learn more about how to achieve the perfect Vastu compliance for your home. 

1.) Consult An Expert:

The traditional way to is to get in touch with an expert, who has been studying and practicing the a client science for long. You can find one by asking your friends or family. Also, you can look for some references online. This is the most expensive method as usually the fee is pretty hefty. The cost may be high, but the end result is pretty good. 

2.) Find Tips Online:

Another good way is to simply use the Internet. Google ‘Vastu Tips’ and you will soon understand that it is very easy to do the same. You will find thousand of tips that too free of cost. You have to keep two things in mind though; look for reputed sources on the web and do some thorough research. It is easy to find the reputed websites by reading reviews and references. However, it may take you some time to research thoroughly. 

3.) Ask For Help:

The cheapest and simplest way is to ask your friends and family for help. People who have Vastu compliant homes can give you some really good tips and that too for free. This way you will get right tips, because they have been tried and tested. 

So, no go ahead and make your home perfectly Vastu compliant. Thanks us later!

Some important Vastu Tips

The right Vastu plays a big role in a perfect home. The key is to do it the right way.

Here are some Vastu tips to remember:

1. Auspicious East
The main door should always face the east because the sun rises in the east. This brings a lot of lights and positive energy into the home.

2. No Mirrors In The Bedroom
Mirrors when used inbedroons may result n health problems and family issues. Even if you have one, keep it covered and sleep away from it.

3. Use Bright Colours
The vibes produced by the bright colours are really good. Dark shades should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Bring More Plants
Getting more plants is a good idea, but it helps to avoid milk producing plants like rubber and cactus.

5. Take Out The Trash
Try doing away with thibgsbyou do not really beed. Theses thubgs not only take up space but also produce negative energy.

6. Medicine-free Kitchen
Never keep your medicines in your kitchen, because you prepare your food there. Try storing them in a bathroom cabinet instead. out clutter.

7. Use More Wind Chimes
The tinkling sounds made by wind chimes help to do away with the negative energy patterns and promote positive energy.

8. Picture Placement
The pictures with religious significance should be placed towards east or west. Any pictures of the deceased should always be placed on the south wall. The negative imagery such as tragedy should be avoided. Even birds of prey like owls and eagles should not be featured in the photos.

9. Water Resources
Keeping a source of water in the north east side promotes financial growth. Water plants, aquarium or floating candles in a bowl of water may also have some really good effects.

10. Wooden Furniture
Furniture made of wood brings harmony to the entire fanily. Try getting it in regular shapes like circular, square and rectangular.

Vastu Shastra – Why Is It So Popular?


Vastu Shastra was earlier just an ancient tradition, but now it has become a new must-have for anyone, who is buying or building a new home/office.

What are the factors behind this sudden rise in Vastu’s popularity? Here is a look:

  • First up is a spiritual factor. Any structure designed according to Vastu Shastra allows maximum flow of positive spirits. This helps the person using the space to avoid any difficult times.
  • Vastu Shastra is basically the perfec knowledge of architecture; hence it allows the best utilization of space. The positions of the various areas allow maximum utilization of nature and the elements.
  • It has been seen that Vastu evokes the five elements in the perfect manner and simultaneously provides clean and clutter free space, helping to enhance the people using the home/office to improve their mental skills too.
  • Couples have often found that the right use of Vastu helped them in achieving a blissful state. They often tell of it helping them to avoid any problems in their lives and live cordially understanding each other in a better manner.
  • It is also reported that Vastu helps to ensure the kids have good concentration while they are studying. This helps them achieve gresults results in their examination. A perfect vastu based design can help in children’s growth, both physical and mental.
  • It has been observed that people with harmful diseases or ailments seem to benefit a lot when they start living in a home which has been designed keeping Vastu in mind. The positive energies that get produced in such a home is said to be extremely beneficial in curing various ailments.

The fact is that the benefits of Vastu and its contribution to a healthy and happy lifestyle have been widely recognized.

So now that you know all benefits of Vastu Shastra, go ahead give it a try.



Sector-150 : The Most Popular Destination In Noida


The various sectors in Noida and Greater Noida are garnering a lot of attention from both home buyers and investors. However, one sector, which is the most promising, is the Sector-150.

The sector has emerged as the most promising one, boasting of world-class facilities and green all-natural living. It is one of the most amazing destinations in the city, ideal for both the people who are looking forward to buy a home as well as prospective investors looking for high-return investments.

Another reason behind the popularity of this sector is the presence of the open green area, low density and strategic location as well as IT-enabled infrastructure.

The sector has some distinct advantages:
a.) Overhead Wire Free Zone

b.) Planned Cricket Stadium

c.) Proposed Tennis Academy

d.) Dedicated Water & Sewage Treatment Plant

e.) Proposed 42 Acres Theme Park

f.) Easy Connectivity – Noida City Center Metro Station Located Almost 30 minutes Away.

The sector also offers a lot of schools for the families to send their kids to. All these schools are at a driving distance; thereby ensuring a wonderful educational infrastructure in close proximity. Also this is the only sector in Delhi-NCR, which is being specially developed to fulfill the concept of a sports city. The idea is to promote sports and other physical activities, among the residents.

Cutting short to the chase, it can be said that Noida sector-150 is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to come to Noida, for a home or for an investment.

Hyderabad – The New-Age Real Estate Haven


Hyderabad, in recent times has become a representation of a haven to make a profitable investment in real estate. One of the major reasons behind this new development is political stability and the efforts to make Hyderabad a global city from the local and state administration.

The city of Hyderabad has a constantly improving infrastructure with better connectivity by road. An upcoming metro rail project has also emerged as another major advantage.

In the recent times, there are a lot of new offices coming up from both Indian and International giants. This has caused the demand for residential property to go on an all-time high in areas like Shadnagar.

The best thing is that the property rates in the city are still very much affordable, especially in an area like Shadnagar.

In fact, compared to popular places like Bangalore; Hyderabad is a perfect place for buying a home or to make an investment with attractive returns.