Customer Service: Your Primary Right!


Often, when you go ahead to invest in a real estate project, all you are looking forward to is the very obvious things; like the developer’s name and reputation, the pricing and the location. However, one very important thing that you need to focus on is the customer service that the developers offer.

It should be the primary driving force behind your decisions.

So now what do we mean by customer service. Well, in an ideal situation the perfect customer service refers to the treatment given by the developer to every single buyer.

At the first meeting itself, you should be given a treatment akin to someone, who has already made the purchase. The sales person should offer you all the right info in a completely transparent manner. He or she should answer all your questions, without holding back any information.

Secondly, once you have paid up the real test of the customer service starts. You have to be kept in the loop, regarding the development in the projects. Often in such cases the dodgy developers and their non-reliable teams start to avoid the customers.

Always ask for everything you need and judge the developer on that criteria. Do some research with the past customers to know their experience. All the arrangements and offers in the world can’t make up for the lack of a good customer service.

It is your basic right to be treated well and you should never take it lightly. As a customer you are supposed to be given the prime importance, without any excuses.

At The Antriksh Group, we work closely with our customers to keep them completely satisfied; the perfect way. For us a smiling customer is the biggest achievement.