The Antriksh Family

“A company with a familial environment is an achievement in itself.”

We are more than an organization; we are a family of capable, experienced, qualified and technically sound individuals, working for a single aim; developing some of the best real-estate projects. Our family includes reputed professionals, businessmen and civil engineers with a vision to change the real estate scenario in India, through our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Unwavering Focus

Each member of our family is a valuable resource, based on their experience and their unwavering focus on customers’ satisfaction. This quality of our family has helped us to achieve things that may seem impossible to others.

Unmatched Integrity

All our members are singled out by an unmatched integrity with which they pursue excellence. No matter how difficult the goal is, no one in the Antriksh family prefers to take a short cut. We rely on quality solutions, only.

Familial Environment

The environment in the organization helps us to achieve the goals in a harmonious manner. The familial atmosphere in the air ensures that the team works as a family, in a happy manner. This approach establishes a pleasant status-quo.