“Perfect Solutions For All-Round Healthcare”

We at The Antriksh are working to introduce the most effective and cutting-edge healthcare services and solutions. Our efforts are focused on making healthcare easy and friendly. Our plans include a gamut of services that encompass various areas of healthcare.

Here is a look at our ventures:

Rejove’ Clinique


Ensuring a Joyful and Blissful Way of Life.

‘Renovatio’ in Latin means relaxation or rejuvenation. It could also translate to ‘a complete rebirth’. We, at Rejove’ Clinique, take inspiration from this word and strive to bring you its essence through the services we offer.

Catering to the perennial human need for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul, we have married traditional healing techniques with modern technology. The result is a diverse range of effective and incisive solutions for holistic healthcare, skincare, haircare, dental care and orthognathic and stem cell treatments.

At Rejové, we are in relentless pursuit of excellence. Our services are customized to the individual requirements of the clients. We also ensure that these are provided in a professional and transparent manner and adhere to the highest quality standards whilst being cost effective.

Rejové has become a trusted name in the healthcare sector because of its deep understanding of the various services it offers. Helping us achieve our vision is our team of highly skilled professionals supported by our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our endeavors are not restricted to just clinical procedures and services. We also conduct research programs to develop futuristic solutions for our clients. Rejové Clinique and Research Center is constantly analyzing the latest global trends in medical science to reinvent its own set of procedures and services. Our team members are kept abreast of the latest advancements in their respective areas of expertise, which helps them serve you better.