July 2016

Some important Vastu Tips

The right Vastu plays a big role in a perfect home. The key is to do it the right way. Here are some Vastu tips to remember: 1. Auspicious East The main door should always face the east because the sun rises in the east. This brings a lot of lights and positive energy into […]

Vastu Shastra was earlier just an ancient tradition, but now it has become a new must-have for anyone, who is buying or building a new home/office. What are the factors behind this sudden rise in Vastu’s popularity? Here is a look: First up is a spiritual factor. Any structure designed according to Vastu Shastra allows […]

Sector-150 : The Most Popular Destination In Noida

The various sectors in Noida and Greater Noida are garnering a lot of attention from both home buyers and investors. However, one sector, which is the most promising, is the Sector-150. The sector has emerged as the most promising one, boasting of world-class facilities and green all-natural living. It is one of the most amazing […]

Hyderabad – The New-Age Real Estate Haven

Hyderabad, in recent times has become a representation of a haven to make a profitable investment in real estate. One of the major reasons behind this new development is political stability and the efforts to make Hyderabad a global city from the local and state administration. The city of Hyderabad has a constantly improving infrastructure […]