Sector-150 : The Most Popular Destination In Noida


The various sectors in Noida and Greater Noida are garnering a lot of attention from both home buyers and investors. However, one sector, which is the most promising, is the Sector-150.

The sector has emerged as the most promising one, boasting of world-class facilities and green all-natural living. It is one of the most amazing destinations in the city, ideal for both the people who are looking forward to buy a home as well as prospective investors looking for high-return investments.

Another reason behind the popularity of this sector is the presence of the open green area, low density and strategic location as well as IT-enabled infrastructure.

The sector has some distinct advantages:
a.) Overhead Wire Free Zone

b.) Planned Cricket Stadium

c.) Proposed Tennis Academy

d.) Dedicated Water & Sewage Treatment Plant

e.) Proposed 42 Acres Theme Park

f.) Easy Connectivity – Noida City Center Metro Station Located Almost 30 minutes Away.

The sector also offers a lot of schools for the families to send their kids to. All these schools are at a driving distance; thereby ensuring a wonderful educational infrastructure in close proximity. Also this is the only sector in Delhi-NCR, which is being specially developed to fulfill the concept of a sports city. The idea is to promote sports and other physical activities, among the residents.

Cutting short to the chase, it can be said that Noida sector-150 is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to come to Noida, for a home or for an investment.