Some important Vastu Tips

The right Vastu plays a big role in a perfect home. The key is to do it the right way.

Here are some Vastu tips to remember:

1. Auspicious East
The main door should always face the east because the sun rises in the east. This brings a lot of lights and positive energy into the home.

2. No Mirrors In The Bedroom
Mirrors when used inbedroons may result n health problems and family issues. Even if you have one, keep it covered and sleep away from it.

3. Use Bright Colours
The vibes produced by the bright colours are really good. Dark shades should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Bring More Plants
Getting more plants is a good idea, but it helps to avoid milk producing plants like rubber and cactus.

5. Take Out The Trash
Try doing away with thibgsbyou do not really beed. Theses thubgs not only take up space but also produce negative energy.

6. Medicine-free Kitchen
Never keep your medicines in your kitchen, because you prepare your food there. Try storing them in a bathroom cabinet instead. out clutter.

7. Use More Wind Chimes
The tinkling sounds made by wind chimes help to do away with the negative energy patterns and promote positive energy.

8. Picture Placement
The pictures with religious significance should be placed towards east or west. Any pictures of the deceased should always be placed on the south wall. The negative imagery such as tragedy should be avoided. Even birds of prey like owls and eagles should not be featured in the photos.

9. Water Resources
Keeping a source of water in the north east side promotes financial growth. Water plants, aquarium or floating candles in a bowl of water may also have some really good effects.

10. Wooden Furniture
Furniture made of wood brings harmony to the entire fanily. Try getting it in regular shapes like circular, square and rectangular.