Be A Good Neighbor; Endorse Community Living


In today’s times when all you need is just a click away, we have started losing human contact. This will eventually lead to isolation; hence it is very important for all of us to form a good neighborhood, where everyone can lead a happy, connected life.

As they say, charity begins at home; why don’t you start the process of being a good neighbor first.

Here are some tips:

  • Be Familiar

The first and the most important thing to do is to be familiar with your neighbors first. Ensure that you know their names and inform them of yours too. Then start with a friendly wave and even initiate a conversation.

  • Be Helpful

In a community, it is our duty to look out for others. Always, be there for your neighbors. If they need something or require any assistance; do not hesitate. Don’t ask what they have done for you, but think what you can do, for them instead.

  • Be Sharing

It is important to share happiness with others. Start by sharing any treats, like cookies, sweets or any other home cooked things. Simply, knock on your neighbors’ door and start sharing the happiness. This thoughtful gesture speaks volumes and is extremely compassionate.

  • Plan Community Events

Nobody likes to be left alone. Make efforts to include other people in your plans for the summer evenings and winter afternoons. They will make a big impact on forming a good, happy community.

So the next time you are going out to take a walk in the neighborhood or take time to, water your plants; also make an effort to share a smile and get involved with people around you. Take the first step towards forming a prosperous, cheerful community.