Why Invest In L-Zone?

The L-Zone is fast emerging as a favorite among investors; but you should know, why is it so popular these days. Here are some reasons that will motivate you to make an investment in L-Zone. 1.) Homes for every budget –  At L-Zone, you get to own a dream home at much lower prices as […]

A Look At Three Types Of Home Loans

Here is a cursory look at some of the popular types of home loans. It is just an introduction and is not a definitive guide. Land Purchase Loans Land purchase loans are meant to help the applicant buy a plot of land, on which the applicant can then construct his house. Usually, the banks offer […]

Be A Good Neighbor; Endorse Community Living

In today’s times when all you need is just a click away, we have started losing human contact. This will eventually lead to isolation; hence it is very important for all of us to form a good neighborhood, where everyone can lead a happy, connected life. As they say, charity begins at home; why don’t […]

How The GST Bill Will Impact The Real Estate Industry?

The GST bill is sure to have some impact on the real estate industry. Here is a look at all the impacts:  Impact on the developers: At present the developers pay a number of independent taxes at different rates across a range of states. These taxes are levied on construction and raw material etc among […]

These days everyone insists that everything in their home should be perfect. One element that a lot of people are insisting on maintaining in their homes is the perfect Vastu compliance. If you are one such person, on the lookout to make your home completely Vastu compliant, you should read ahead. Here is a collection […]

Some important Vastu Tips

The right Vastu plays a big role in a perfect home. The key is to do it the right way. Here are some Vastu tips to remember: 1. Auspicious East The main door should always face the east because the sun rises in the east. This brings a lot of lights and positive energy into […]

Vastu Shastra was earlier just an ancient tradition, but now it has become a new must-have for anyone, who is buying or building a new home/office. What are the factors behind this sudden rise in Vastu’s popularity? Here is a look: First up is a spiritual factor. Any structure designed according to Vastu Shastra allows […]

Sector-150 : The Most Popular Destination In Noida

The various sectors in Noida and Greater Noida are garnering a lot of attention from both home buyers and investors. However, one sector, which is the most promising, is the Sector-150. The sector has emerged as the most promising one, boasting of world-class facilities and green all-natural living. It is one of the most amazing […]

Hyderabad – The New-Age Real Estate Haven

Hyderabad, in recent times has become a representation of a haven to make a profitable investment in real estate. One of the major reasons behind this new development is political stability and the efforts to make Hyderabad a global city from the local and state administration. The city of Hyderabad has a constantly improving infrastructure […]

Lucknow – The New Real Estate Hotspot

The city of Lucknow is a wonderful mix of quaint settings and modern trappings. The city still cherishes its rich cultural history and heritage. Today, Lucknow offers a whole gamut of opportunities, through which one can make a real estate investment guaranteed to garner high returns. For Lucknow, the real estate boom has just arrived. […]